Streak Line Vector Fields

This page lists all the data sets from the paper Streak Lines as Tangent Curves of a Derived Vector Field that are available for download. You are free to use them as long as you give proper acknowledgement. Please see the individual pages for directions on how to acknowledge.

2D Flow Around a Cylinder

CylinderStreakISLForward CylinderStreakISLBackward

5000 forward (red) and backward (blue) integrated streak lines of a time step in the 2D time-dependent flow around a cylinder. The streak lines are rendered such that they become less opaque the closer they get to their seeding position at τ = 0.

3D Flow Around a Confined Square Cylinder

two streak surfaces in the flow behind a square cylinder

Two streak surfaces in the flow behind a square cylinder. Both have been integrated in forward and backward direction starting from the gray lines. Note how streak surfaces of a 3D flow intersect each other just as streak lines do in 2D.

Beads Problem

BeadsProblemAttractorPathLines BeadsProblemAttractorStreamPathCore BeadsProblemAttractorStreakCoreSurf

The cores of swirling streak lines (red) detect the attractor (yellow) in the Beads Problem flow in contrast to the core lines of stream (green) and path lines (blue). The streak line core is a 4D surface shown in the right image together with its intersection at τ = -9, which is a line in space-time that matches the attractor of this flow.